Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles by SPARC Faculty & Staff

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Multicultural Mental Health

Symptom Patterns of Posttraumatic Stress Disorder among Deaf Trauma Survivors
Anderson, Sortwell, A., Wolf Craig, K. S., & Ziedonis, D. - 2016




An Outcome of Seeking Safety An Outcome Study of Seeking Safety with Rural Community-based Women
Patitz, Anderson & Najavits - 2015




 Does Seeking Safety reduce PTSD Does Seeking Safety Reduce PTSD Symptoms in Women Receiving Physical Disability Compensation?
Anderson & Najavits - 2014



Culturally Adapted Smoking Cessation A Culturally Adapted Smoking Cessation Intervention for Korean Americans: A Mediating Effect of Perceived Family Norm toward Quitting
Kim, Kim, Fang, Kwon, Shelley & Ziedonis - 2014



Factors Associated with Alcohol Problems Factors Associated with Alcohol Problems among Asian American College Students: Gender, Ethnicity, Smoking, and Depressed Mood
Kim, Lee, Kiang, Kalman & Ziedonis - 2014



Smoking topography Smoking Topography in Korean American and White Men: Preliminary Findings
Chung, Kim, Kini, Fang, Kalman & Ziedonis - 2013



Comparison of Quit Intentions Comparison of Quit Intentions among Korean American Male Smokers between Survey and Cessation Studies
Kim, Kim, McKay, & Ziedonis - 2013




Experiences with Tests Experiences with Tests Used to Find Colorectal Cancer
TorresStone- 2013




Smoking among Individuals Smoking among Individuals with Schizophrenia in Korea: Gender Differences
Kim, Chung, Park, Jung, Kalman & Ziedonis- 2013



Capsule Commentary Capsule Commentary on Joynt et. al., The Impact of Neighborhood Socioeconomic Status and Race on the Prescribing of Opioids in Emergency Departments Throughout the United States
Simon - 2013



retention_in_depression Retention in Depression Treatment Among Ethnic and Racial Minority Groups in the United States
Fortuna, Alegria & Gao - 2010



stressed_and_helping Stressed and Helping: The Relations Among Acculturative Stress, Gender, and Prosocial Tendencies in Mexican Americans
McGinley, Carlo, Crockett, Raffaelli, Torres Stone & Iturbide - 2010



a_qualitative_study_of_clinicians A Qualitative Study of Clinicians' Use of the Cultural Formulation Model in Assessing Posttraumatic Stress Disorder
Fortuna, Porche, & Alegría - 2009



 examining_latino_differences Examining Latino Differences in Mental Healthcare Use: The Roles of Acculturation and Attitudes Toward Healthcare
 Berdahl & Torres Stone - 2009




Patient Provider Communication: Understanding the Role of Patient Activation for Latinos in Mental Health Treatment
Cortes, Mulvaney-Day, Fortuna, Reinfeld & Alegrí - 2009



psychological_distress_as_a_barrier Psychological Distress as a Barrier to Preventive Healthcare Among U.S. Women
Witt, Kahn, Fortuna, Winickoff, Kuhlthau, Pirraglia & Ferris - 2009



political_violence Political Violence, Psychosocial Trauma, and the Context of Mental Health Services Use Among Immigrant Latinos in the United States
Fortuna, Porche & Alegria - 2008



prevalence_and_correlates_discrimination Prevalence and Correlates of Everyday Discrimination Among U.S. Latinos
Joy Pérez, Fortuna, & Alegría - 2008



for_nonmetro Access to Health Care for Nonmetro and Metro Latinos of Mexican Origin in the United States
Birdah, Kirby, & Torres Stone - 2007




Acculturation, Gender, and Alcohol Use Among Mexican American College Students
Crockett, Iturbide, Torres Stone, McGinley, Raffaelli & Carlo - 2007



beyond_hispanic Beyond Hispanic/Latino: The Importance of Gender/Ethnicity-Specific Earnings Analyses
Torres Stone & McQuillan - 2007



identifying_potential_risk Identifying Potential Risk and Protective Factors Among Non-Metropolitan Latino Youth: Cultural Implications for Substance Use Research
Torres Stone & Meyler - 2007



prevalence_and_correlates_suicide Prevalence and Correlates of Lifetime Suicidal Ideation and Suicide Attempts Among Latino Subgroups in the United States
Fortuna,  Joy Perez, Canino, Sribney & Alegria - 2007




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