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Human Rights & Ethics

Why is therapeutic misconception so prevalent

Why Is Therapeutic Misconception So Prevalent?
Lidz, Albert, Appelbaum, Dunn, Overton & Pivovarova - 2015




Context is Everything: Psychological Data and Consent to Research
Lidz & Appelbaum - 2014



Therapeutic Misconception in Clinical Trials

Therapeutic Misconception in Clinical Trials: Fighting Against it and Living with it
Lidz & Appelbaum - 2014



Clinical concerns and the validity of clinical trials

Clinical Concerns and the Validity of Clinical Trials
Lidz, Benedicto, Albert, Appelbaum & Dunn - 2013




What ANPRM Missed: Additional Needs in IRB Reform
Lidz & Garverich - 2013




Empirical Ethics Agenda for Psychiatric Research Involving Prisoners
Christopher, Candilis, Rich, & Lidz - 2011




Commentary: A New Chapter for Forensic Ethics
Candilis - 2011




Commentary: Civil Commitment Statutes--40 Years of Circumvention 
Fisher & Grisso - 2010



competing_commitments Competing Commitments in Clinical Trials
Lidz, Appelbaum, Joffe, Albert, Rosenbaum & Simon - 2009




The Revolution in Forensic Ethics: Narrative, Compassion, and A Robust Professionalism 
Candilis - 2009



voluntariness_of_consent Voluntariness of Consent to Research: A Preliminary Empirical Investigation

Appelbaum, Lidz & Klitzman - 2009




Why Does Informed Consent Fail? A Discourse Analytic Approach
Ness, Kiesling & Lidz - 2009



a_direct_comparison A Direct Comparison of Research Decision-Making Capacity: Schizophrenia/Schizoaffective, Medically Ill, and Non-Ill Subjects
Candilis, Fletcher, Geppert, Lidz & Appelbaum - 2008



a_competency_based A Competency-Based Approach to Managing Violence with Involuntary Outpatient Treatment

Lawlor, Grudzinskas, Geller & Genovese - 2007



sex_offending Clinical Trials and Medical Care: Defining the Therapeutic Misconception
Henderson, Churchill, Davis, Easter, Grady, Joffe, Kass, King, Lidz, Miller, Nelson, Peppercorn, Bluestone Rothschild, Sankar, Wilfond & Zimmer - 2007




Hindsight Bias Among Psychiatrists
LeBourgeois III, Pinals, Williams & Appelbaum - 2007




Professional Development in Forensic Psychiatry: The Role of the American Academy of Psychiatry and The Law
Candilis & Layde - 2007



re_evaluating_therapeutic Re-Evaluating the Therapeutic Misconception: Response to Miller and Joffe 

Appelbaum & Lidz - 2007



clinical_ethics Clinical Ethics Versus Clinical Research

Appelbaum & Lidz - 2006




Ethical Principles and Practices for Research Involving Human Participants with Mental Illness
Candilis, Weiss Roberts & Lieberman - 2006




Involuntary Outpatient Treatment as "Deinstitutionalized Coercion": The Net-Widening Concerns 
Geller, Fisher, Grudzinskas, Clayfield & Lawlor




Research Sponsorship, Financial Relationships, and The Process of Research in Pharmaceutical Clinical Trials
Gardner & Lidz - 2006




The Need to Understand IRB Deliberations
Candilis, Lidz & Arnold - 2006




The Therapeutic Misconception and Our Models of Competency and Informed Consent
Lidz - 2006



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