Application Timeline

June 1 - Submission of AMCAS applications begins.

August 1 - Deadline for Early Decision applications to be submitted to AMCAS.

September 1 - Deadline for Early Decision applications and all materials to be received by UMMS.

November 1 - Deadline for applications to be received by AMCAS. An application received by AMCAS after this date will not be forwarded to the University of Massachusetts Medical School unless it is accompanied by a written request from the Admissions Office. 

IMPORTANT: AMCAS requires 4-6 weeks to verify applications.  Submission of applications to AMCAS by the November 1 deadline DOES NOT guarantee that your application will be verified in time to be complete by our December 15 deadline.  Extensions will NOT be granted for late applications. Applicants are encouraged to submit applications early. 

December 15 - Deadline for supplementary application materials to be received by the Admissions Office.

April 30 - All applicants are notified of the status of their application. 

January 1-April 1 - Applications for transfer to THIRD YEAR may be submitted for consideration if there are open places available. Note:  We have determined that there are no transfer openings available for the entering class of 2015.