Appeal Process

  1. The applicant should contact the admissions office via email [] expressing the intent to initiate the appeal process. Upon initiation of the appeals process, Admissions will notify the applicant of any additional information required (see MA Residency Criteria, above)
  2. The Admissions Office will respond in writing (email) acknowledging receipt of the appeal and with a list of requested information. The response will be sent to the candidate in writing (email) within ten business days of receipt of the original appeal.
  3. The applicant must submit to the Admissions Office all requested documentation and any other information the applicant may view as applicable to the decision.
  4. The appeal and requested documentation as well as the original submission materials related to MA residency will be reviewed by the UMMS School of Medicine Dean who will make the final decision regarding the applicant’s residency status.
  5. The candidate will be notified of the status of her/his appeal within 30 days of receipt of the candidate’s submitted appeal documentation materials.

The applicant’s full application fee will be refunded if the appeal is denied and he/she is not eligible for application to UMMS.