Behavioral Research Faculty and Staff

Curtis Deutsch:  Psychobiology of developmental disabilities; medical and behavioral genetics

William Dube:  Behavioral research in individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities includes: Basic research in stimulus control, discrimination learning, and observing behavior. Translational research in stimulus overselectivity (overselective attention) and behavioral momentum. Applied research in functional analysis and treatment generalization for problem behavior.

Karen Lionello-DeNolf:  Variables controlling relational learning and categorization ability

Ruth Grossman:  Interaction of verbal and non-verbal communication in people with autism spectrum disorders (ASD)

Brent Maxwell Jones:  Translational behavior analysis in persons with developmental disabilities.

William McIlvane:  Variables responsible for slow discrimination learning and solutions to the problem by improving teaching methodology.

Harry Mackay:  Behavioral processes relevant to teaching rudimentary forms of reading, writing, spelling, and numeric skills to people with moderate and severe developmental disabilities.

Teresa Mitchell:  Development of visual perception and cognition in deaf and hearing children and adults

Richard Serna:  Alternatives to verbal instructions for establishing desired forms of stimulus control.

Krista Wilkinson:  Early communication and language in learners with developmental and intellectual disabilities