Studies Currently Looking for Participants

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The Shriver Center conducts an extensive program of research on the causes, treatment, and prevention of intellectual and developmental disabilities as well as understanding typical development. Thus, we are always looking for children and adults with and without disabilities to participate in our research programs.

Below is a list of studies currently recruiting participants with links to a description of each one. If you would like general information about the process of getting involved in one of our research studies and what to expect as a participant, follow this link to a brochure on Research at the E.K. Shriver Center.

Focus of Attention - typically developing children (ages 3-9), and children and adolescents (ages 7-21) with autism spectrum disorders, intellectual disabilities, or Down syndrome

Children's Mealtime Study - children ages 3-8 yrs who have intellectual/developmental delays (I/DD) OR who are typically developing

Health U. – for healthy overweight teens and young adults who have an intellectual disability, ages 15 – 22