Welcome to the RNA Therapeutics Institute

ShermanBy interweaving basic and applied nucleic acid scientists with clinicians dedicated to finding new cures, our goal is to create a new paradigm for organizing molecular research that enables the rapid application of new biological discoveries to solutions for unmet challenges in human health.

By uniting researchers studying the fundamental biology and mechanisms of cellular RNAs with those working to devise human therapies using or targeting nucleic acids, the RTI represents a new model for scientific exploration.

Facilities & Resources

The RTI has many shared pieces of equipment available to all its faculity. In addition, UMMS has a vast array of Core Facilities. Learn More About RTI Resources...


The RNA Club at UMass Medical School, kindly sponsored by Qiagen , meets monthly to discuss three topics within the field of RNA biology. Learn More About RNA Club...


The RNA Club consists of faculty, students, and postdoc from all over the campus.
Complete listing of RNA Club Members.

Quick Links

Useful links to help you navigate through the UMMS system.

Funding Opportunities & Procedures

Postdocs & students looking for ways to get some funding? Need to see how to navigate through the grant produres here at UMMS? Learn More...

Upcoming Events

  • 02-10-16

    BMP Seminar by Suzanne Scarlata, PhD

    Hosted By: Mary Munson, PhD
    Location: LRB816

    Suzanne Scarlata, Ph.D.
    Whitcomb Chair of Chemistry and Biochemistry
    Worcester Polytechnic Institute
    Title: “Regulating Calcium Signals through the G protein / Phospholipase Cbeta Pathway”

  • 02-11-16

    RTI Special Seminar by Sunit Das, MD, PhD

    Hosted By: RTI Physician-Scientist Special Seminar Series
    Location: AS4-2072

    Sunit Das, MD, PhD
    Assistant Professor, Division of Neurosurgery, University of Toronto
    Staff Surgeon, Division of Neurosurgery,St. Michael’s Hospital

    Title: “Epigenetic regulation of cell identity in glioblastoma"

  • 02-22-16

    Tea Time - Moore Lab

    Location: AS4 Lobby

  • 02-29-16

    Tea Time - Xue Lab

    Location: AS4 Lobby

  • 03-07-16

    Tea Time - Mello Lab

    Location: AS4 Lobby

More Events
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