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The Central Massachusetts STEM Pipeline Network, established in 2004 and funded through the Board of Higher Education’s STEM Pipeline Fund, works collaboratively to identify common STEM needs in the region, recruit new members to the Network, and leverage existing resources and expertise in the region.  Each Network project addresses at least one of the five STEM goals: 

  • Increase student interest in STEM
  • Increase STEM achievement of PreK-12 students
  • Increase the percentage of students who demonstrate readiness for college-level studies in STEM fields
  • Increase the number of students who graduate from post-secondary institutions with a degree in a STEM field
  • Increase the number/percentage of effective teachers in STEM classes

Within the Network, there are three working subcommittees chaired by members addressing these goals. The subcommittees are composed of 7-10 members as well as out of Network experts. The subcommittees develop strategies to address the goals and will present them at the quarterly Advisory Board meetings. The structure of the Network allows for active and effective participation from all  key stakeholders. The Coordinating Council provides school data from the MCAS and other assessments and evaluations to identify the greatest common need across the region in relation to students and teachers. The Advisory Board oversees the decision-making process.

The Network has helped to increase the cohesiveness of the region by sharing instructional strategies and materials, developing stronger inter-district relationships, and maintaining momentum with collaborative projects, planning and assessment across the region. The Central Massachusetts STEM Network is committed to continued collaboration to improve PreK-16 mathematics, science, technology and engineering education. 

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Network projects include the following:

Men in STEM Conference

Women in Science Conference