Research Funding Services

Research Funding Services (RFS) supports faculty and staff as an information resource on all aspects of research administration from idea to award.  We provide assistance in locating sources of funding, reviewing and approving proposals, negotiating grants and contracts, and development and dissemination of institutional policies related to research administration.  

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Recent Presentations

March 30, 2015
Brown Bag Presentation

  • Biographical Sketch Clinics Update
  • NIH Update:
    • NOT-OD-15-085: Reminder: NIH and AHRQ Biosketch Requirements for Due Dates On or After May 25, 2015
    • NIH Interim Grant General Conditions
    • NOT-OD-15-081: New Form to Capture Additional Indirect Costs in Multi-Project Grant Applications (ASSIST)
    • NOT-OD-15-080: Grantees and Contractors Required to Submit Invention Disclosures, Related Reports and Documents via iEdison
    • NOT-OD-15-078: Use of Updated Inclusion Enrollment Format Now Required for Successful Submission of RPPR
    • NOT-OD-15-073: Correction to Application Guide Instructions for Subawards Not Active in All Budget Periods of the Prime Applicant
  • eRA Commons Update
    • No Cost Extensions in Commons now require a justification when processing
  • Updating Proposal Submission Dates Using SUMMIT Pre-Award Dashboard
  • Proposal & Progress Report Statistics

January 26, 2015 Brown Bag Presentation

  • Summary of Uniform Guidance Changes - Amy Miarecki
  • Biographical Sketch LEAN Team Update
  • SUMMIT Biographical Sketch Demo - Tara Nevins
  • NIH Update:
    • NOT-OD-15-059 - Reminders Related to the NIH/AHRQ Policy for Application Submission
    • NOT-OD-15-050 - NIH Fiscal Policy for Grant Awards - FY2015
    • NOT-OD-15-049 - Notice on Salary Limitation on Grants, Cooperative Agreements, and Contracts
    • NOT-OD-15-048 - FY2015 Kirschstein NRSA Stipends, Tuition/Fees and Other Budgetary Levels
    • New link for Institutional Profile FIle (IPF) Progress Report query
  • Updating eRA Commons Delegations
  • RFS Reorganization Update
  • Proposal & Progress Report Statistics

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