Current Grants

NIH R21-EB016391: Combined Multi-Pinhole and Fan Beam Brain SPECT

Project period: 7/1/2013 – 6/30/2015

The major goals of this grant for application for brain SPECT are to design multi-pinhole (MPH) collimators and develop combined reconstruction with MPH and fan collimators, and to perform task-based optimization and comparison for detection and quantification of Parkinson’s disease.

Philips Healthcare Research Grant: Motion Tracking and Correction for PET Brain Imaging

Project period: 12/15/2012 – 12/31/2014

Joint work focused on assessment of tracking and correction for patient motion in PET brain imaging.

NIH R01-HL122484: Probing Dose Limits in Cardiac SPECT with Reconstruction and Personalized Imaging

Project period: 4/1/2014 – 3/31/2019   

The major goal of this project is to determine to what extent the current administered activity to patients for cardiac SPECT imaging can be reduced, thus reducing their irradiation.