Mission of The New England Center for Stroke Research (NECStR)

The mission of NECStR is to accelerate discovery in neuroimaging, endovascular device development and techniques in image guided surgery with a translational research program that collaborates seamlessly with our clinical partner, the Division of Interventional Neuroradiology. The Center attains excellence in translational research from a dedicated team of professionals working in a state-of-the-art research facility. Our first responsibility is to our physicians, ensuring they receive the best tools possible to safely and effectively treat patients with cerebrovascular disease. We are dedicated to providing rigorous education to our trainees in order to produce knowledgeable, compassionate and technically competent researchers. We are respectful and supportive of our multidisciplinary team, whose diligent efforts and contributions facilitate our research and service goals.

Special focus lies with therapies for stroke treatment through clot ablation both mechanically and through use of thrombolytic agents, testing and development of endovascular embolization techniques for treatment of brain aneurysms, identifying key inflammatory and cellular factors responsible for brain aneurysm evolution, and identification of vascular dysfunction in brain arteriovenous malformations.