Krishnendu Saha, Ph.D.

Post-Doctoral Fellow
S7-322 G, Telephone: 508-856-4999
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Krishnendu Saha was a postdoctoral fellow for breast PET modeling in the Tomographic Breast Imaging laboratory. His work involved: 
• Development of optimal geometry and characterization of noise performance for breast PETsystems utilizing Monte Carlo simulation approach such as GATE, Geant4.
• Analyzing light transport in scintillators by software approach such as DETECTII.
• Improving the reconstruction performance in breast PET imaging by incorporating the detector response in iterative reconstruction.
• Characterizing the detector performance for solid state detector by calibrating the channel properties.

As a Medical Physicist in industry, he has previously worked on:
• Quantitative analysis of brain PET images for diagnosis of Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson's disease and Dementia with Lewy Body disease.
• Development of absolute quantitative techniques for Myocardial Blood Flow imaging in Rb-82 and N-13 Ammonia PET.


• PhD in Nuclear Engineering, University of Missouri-Columbia, USA.
• M.S in Electrical Engineering, University of Missouri-Columbia, USA.
• B.E in Electrical Engineering, Bengal Engineering College, Shibpur, India.


  • Krishnendu Saha, Yu Chen, Stephen Glick. Analyzing effect of timing accuracy on noise performance for dedicated breast PET. IEEE Nuclear Science Symposium Medical Imaging Conference. MIC15.S-5, 2011
  • Yu Chen, Krishnendu Saha, Stephen Glick. Investigating performance of limited angle dedicated breast TOF PET. IEEE Nuclear Science Symposium Medical Imaging Conference. MIC7-6, 2011
  • Krishnendu Saha, Kenneth J Straus, Stephen J Glick. Iterative reconstruction with Monte Carlo based system matrix for dedicated breast PET. Accepted for publishing at International Workshop on Breast Imaging, 2012.