Linda Ding, Ph.D.

Graduate School

2003, Ph.D. University of Massachusetts at Lowell


2008, American Board of Radiology

Academic Appointment

Assistant Professor

Peer Reviewed Journal Papers

  • C. S. Mayo, L. Ding, A. Addesa, S. Kadish, T.J. Fitzgerald, R. MoserInitial Experience with Volumetric IMRT (RapidArc) for Intracranial Stereotactic Radiosurgery, (Accepted for publication in IJORBP, 10/2009)
  • C.S. Mayo, M.M. Urie, T.J. Fitzgerald, L. Ding, Y.C. Lo, M. Bogdanov.Hybrid IMRT for Treatment of Cancers of the Lung and Esophagus, Int. J. Radiat Oncol Biol Phy; 71(2008) 1408-1418
  • T.J. Fitzgerald, M. Jodoin, G. Tillman, J. Aronowitz, R. Pieters, S. Balducci, J. Meyere, M. Cicchetti, S. Kadish, S. McCauley, J. Sawicka, M. Urie, Y.C. Lo, C. Mayo, K. Ulin, L. Ding, M. Britton, J. Huang, E. Arous;Radiation Therapy Toxicity to the Skin, Dermatol Clin 26 (2008), 161-172
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