Quantitative Health Sciences Administrative Staff


Senior Administration/Department Head    
Joyce Barrett AS7.1071 508-856-2446
Academic Administrators     
Lori Randall AS7.1061 508-856-4580
James R. Thompson  AS7.1069  508-856-8864 
Grants and Contracts Specialists    
Mandy O'Reilly AS7.1064 508-855-3863
Debbie Wiggin AS7.1062 508-856-8961
Project Coordinator    
Sandy Stankus AS7.1086 508-856-8972
Secretary to the Chair, Catarina Kiefe, PhD, MD    
Judi Saber AS7.1077 508-856-8998
Administrative Assistants    
Kelley Baron AS8.1086 508-856-8798
Kerri Ludy AS7-1077 508-856-8956
Carla McDonald AS8-1086 508-856-8924
Maureen Schulz AS5-1078 508-856-8926
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