Psychiatry Grand Rounds Video Archive 2009 - 2010

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2010 Videos

Jun 17, 2010The Controversy about Progressive Brain Change in Schizophrenia
Jun 10, 2010Housing First and Harm Reduction for Chronically Homeless Persons With Severe Alcohol Problems
May 20, 2010What Therapists Need To Know When Working With Lesbian, Gay and Bisexual Patients
May 6, 2010A Collaborative Approach to the Treatment of Eating Disorders: A Panel Discussion with Treaters and Consumers
Apr 29, 2010In Her Wake: A Child Psychiatrist Explores the Mystery of Her Mother’s Suicide
Apr 15, 2010Why People Die by Suicide
Apr 8, 2010The Tyranny of Small Decision: A Trans-Disease Process
Mar 18, 2010Findings and Experiences from an Online Community for People with Mood Conditions
Mar 11, 2010Conceptualizing Schizophrenia from a Secondary Prevention Perspective: Causes and Consequences of Treatment Delay in the Early Course of Psychotic Disorders
Mar 4, 2010Psychiatry and Neurology in the Courtroom: Lost in Translation?
Feb 18, 2010Challenging Behavior as a Developmental Delay: Implications for Understanding, Assessing, and Helping Challenging
Feb 4, 2010Money Management Approaches to Substance Abuse Treatment
Jan 21, 2010The Perversion of Youth: Controversies in the Assessment and Treatment of Juvenile Sex Offenders
Jan 14, 2010Ethnopsychopharmacology
Jan 7, 2010Translational Research Strategies for Enhancing Psychotherapy for Anxiety Disorders

2009 Videos

Dec 10, 2009Critical Mass: Disaster Psychiatry, Part 1
Dec 3, 2009Intergrating Care - The New Imperative
Nov 19, 2009Advance in the Diagnosis and Treatment of Psychotic Depression: An Orphan Illness
Nov 12 ,2009Can We Prevent Postpartum Depression Among High Risk Women
Nov 5, 2009Clinical Psychology Training Comes of Age: David Shakow and the WSH Internship Program
Oct 29, 2009Youth Centered Care-From Control to Collaboration: Addressing Restraint Use Through Organizational Change 
Oct 15, 2009A Disease Management Model for Chronic Pain and Comorbid Mood and Substance Use Disorders 
Oct 8, 2009Web-based Family Psycho-education for Individuals with Serious Mental Illness and their Families
Oct 1, 2009Asylum, Circa 1950: The Life of a Psychiatry Resident at Worcester State Hospital
Sep 24, 2009
What a Psychiatrist Remembers: One Doctor's Journey
Sep 10, 2009
Co-Occurring Mental Illness and Addiction: State of the Art