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Women's Faculty Retreat,
Fall 2013

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Be Sure to visit the department website for upcoming Grand Rounds presentations and videos of past presentations: http://www.umassmed.edu/psychiatry/continuinged/grand_rounds.aspx

Completed Workshops:

For copies of presentations and/or handouts from completed workshops, please contact psychiatryCDRO@umassmed.edu

3/27/13 - Caring for the Caregiver - Dr. Phil Candilis

2/14/13 - NeuroEthics - Dr. Judy Illes

1/23/13 - Recruitment -multple presenters

11/14/12- Intro Guide to Statistics for Research Applications - Steve Hodge

9/19/12 - Ethics 101: Doing the Right Thing the Right Way - Dr. Phil Candilis

6/6/12 - IDDRC Core C: What Can it Offer You? - Drs. Curt Deutsch, David Kennedy & Eric Mick

12/1/11 - “Who are these IRB people, and why won’t they just go away?” - Albert Grudzinskas, Jr. and Michael Centola, Manager of the UMMS IRB

10/26/11 - Methods for Grant Applications – What do I need to know and where do I turn for help? - Eric Mick, ScD

9/21/11 - Investigator Initiated Research - Shelia Noone

5/25/11 - Program Evaluation - Dr. Minakshi Tikoo

4/20/11  Deptartment Academic Administrators - Grants: Submitting, Managing & Closing

3/29/11 “Systematic Evaluation of Chinese Medicinal Plants Using State of the Science Technologies”. Dr. Eisenberg. Video Link included http://www.umassmed.edu/psychiatry/wellness/pastevents.aspx

12/16/10 George Reed - Statistics

6/29/10 Faculty Tenure - Randi Segatore

6/8/2010 - Chuck Lidz - Informed Consent

5/20/2010 - Al Grudzinskas - Who Are These IRB People And Why Are They Saying These Mean Things About Me?

3/24/2010 - Val Williams - Data Security

Older Workshops:

Introductory Statistics - Mark Hallahan, PhD, Associate Professor, Department of Psychology, College of the Holy Cross, Worcester, MA 

Initiating and Conducting Successful Clinical Trials: Part I - Sheila B. Noone, PhD, Assistant Vice Provost for Clinical Research, UMass Worcester - Office of Vice Provost for Research 

Evaluation Research: Why is Everyone Telling Me I Need to Do It? - Bill Fisher, PhD, Professor of Psychiatry, Center for Mental Health Services Research