Creating Healthier Communities:

Integrative Behavioral Health

Research Day - April 29, 2013


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Keynote Speaker
Pamela Hyde, JD
Administrator, Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration
United States Department of Health and Human Services


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Award Winners

1st Annual Award for Clinical Excellence

 Dr. Daniel Kirsch

This new award was presented to honor a Psychiatry faculty member who is working as clinician, who give freely and generously of their time, and guides by example to provide support to others

RD 2013 Kirsh -1              RD 2013 Kirsh -2

4th Annual Steven Banks Award for Research Mentoring 

Dr. Jean Frazier

This award is meant to memorialize Steve’s gift as a mentor. It seeks to honor people who, as did Steve, give freely and generously of their time to provide others support and guidance and is intended to recognize persons who have helped students and faculty colleagues succeed in their research and professional lives

RD 2013 Frazier -1          RD 2013 Frazier -2

3rd Annual Douglas Ziedonis Award for Career Development

 Dr. Charles Lidz

The Doug Ziedonis Award for Career Development Mentoring is intended to recognize persons who have helped students and/or faculty colleagues succeed in their professional lives. We seek to honor those faculty members who work both informally with junior and senior faculty, as well as serve formal mentoring roles with faculty and students

RD 2013 Lidz-1          RD 2013 Lidz -2

Faculty Presentations


RD 2013 Metz                 RD 2013 McKay

 Dr. Peter Metz - Clinical Professor

 Colleen McKay, MA, CAGS - Assistant Professor

 "Communities of Care: Promoting a System of Care"

 "Engaging Clubhouse Members in Tobacco


Cessation and Health Promotion Activities"


RD 2013 Grisso-Vincent                RD 2013 Hobart

 Dr. Tom Grisso - Professor &

 Dr. Marie Hobart - Clinical Associate Professor

 Dr. Gina Vincent - Research Associate Professor

 "The Primary and Behaviorial Health Care on

 "The National Youth Screening and Assessment Project:

 Integration Project at Community Healthlink

Doing Research to Drive Reform in Juvenile Justice Services"



Poster Session

RD 2013 Poster - 1RD 2013 Poster - 2RD 2013 Poster - 3

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