Here are some interesting websites for Brain information and curriculum ideas:
 Society for Neuroscience
 click on the "Educator" button. You may order Brain Facts or download a copy
 Dana Foundation
 Information and Brain Awareness Week
 BBC Human Body & Mind
 Fun activities
 Harvard Med Atlas
 Brain atlas
 Washington University
 Brain curriculum
 Anatomical Chart Co
 Skull models
 Vanderbilt Brain Institute
 Brain Institute at Vanderbilt University
 Brain Institute Utah
 Brain Institute University of Utah
 Genetics University of Utah
 New science of addiction
 McGovern Institute for Brain Research
 Brain research at MIT
 UCLA - Project Brain Storm
 Brain Research Institute at UCLA, Project Brain Storm
 Neuroscience for Kids
 University of Washington, Neuroscience for Kids
 Oregon Health Sciences University
 OHSU Brain Brain Awareness