Suzanne Cashman, ScD

CashmanFormally trained in health services research, evaluation and administration, Suzanne Cashman has spent the thirty-five years of her professional career teaching graduate courses in public health, conducting community-based evaluation research, and developing partnerships aimed at helping communities improve their health status. Currently, Dr. Cashman has leadership responsibilities for developing the Department of Family Medicine and Community Health’s community health agenda as well as administrative/teaching responsibilities in the school’s preventive medicine residency. In addition, she carries out community-based evaluation research, provides evaluation technical assistance to the Area Health Education Center, and works with other faculty to advance the use of service-learning as a pedagogical approach. She co-chairs UMMS’s Community Engagement Committee and has been instrumental in developing Worcester’s Healthy Communities Initiative. Dr. Cashman has additional skills related to developing and implementing community-oriented primary care (COPC) as well as teaching skills needed for interprofessional teamwork. She has been a core faculty member of the Master’s in Public Health Program.