Welcome to the University of Massachusetts Medical School's (UMMS) Policy and Procedure web site. On this site you will find national, state, university-wide, and UMMS-specific policies, procedures, guidelines and regulating activities.

Policies and Procedures are organized into the following thirteen volumes:

Volume I:

UMMS Governance, Legal, and Administration


Volume II:

Diversity and Equal Opportunity Office 

Volume III:

Campus Services 

Access Control - Environmental Building Services -Environmental Health & Safety -Facility Management - Mail Services -Public Safety -Radiation Safety -Room Reservations -TransportationForms

Volume IV:

Faculty Affairs


Volume V:

Financial Services 

Accounting and FinancePost Award Administration and Compliance - Forms

Volume VI:

Human Resources 

Benefits and Leave - Compensation - Employee Development and TrainingEmployment - General Administration - Labor and Employee Relations - PayrollForms 

Volume VII:

Information Services and Technology

Volume VIII:

Public Affairs 


Volume IX:



Volume X:


Animal MedicineClinical Studies and Clinical Trials - Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) - Institutional Biosafety Committee (IBC) - Human Subjects Committee (IRB) - Research Funding Services - Office of Technology Management - Forms 

Volume XI:



Volume XII:

Student Administration 

Graduate of Medical Education - Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences - Graduate School of NursingOffice of Medical EducationOffice of Financial Aid - Registrar -  Student Affairs - Forms 

Volume XIII:


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