The PMM Bioinformatics Core can develop Bioinformatics workshops for the unique needs for Principal Investigators; such courses can be customized to match specific requirements and tailored to specific groups or labs. Should you have a specific requirement, please contact us. One of the goals of the PMM Bioinformatics Core is to convene Bioinformatics training courses specifically for the Program of Molecular Medicine and to cover best practices in Bioinformatics analysis (Next Generation Sequence analysis, RNASeq, smallRNASeq, ChIPSeq, PASeq, ExomeSeq, genomeSeq, etc..) and to cover Bioinformatics packages, servers, websites such as Phylogeny, EMBOSS, UCSC, ENSEMBL and IGV. These courses aim to be 50% practical and 50% theoretical.

The PMM Bioinformatics Core also supports and coordinates with Partners within the University of Massachusetts Medical School for Campus wide Bioinformatics training initiatives. The Massachusetts Green High Performance Computing Cluster (MGHPCC) group provides training courses on MGHPCC and LSF, scripting (in PERL and R) and C. The University of Massachusetts Medical School Bioinformatics Core organizes the following: a six-weeks Sequence Analysis Bootcamp; a six-weeks Basic Computing Workshop and a two-weeks datathon. For example, the Basic Computing Workshop covers the following topics: unix, use of the high performance computing environments (MGHPCC), data transfers, developing scripts (awk and R), applying these skills to carry out steps in data processing in the MGHPCC environment.

More information about the MGHPCC; Interesting photos on the MGHPCC; How to sign up for a MGHPCC account.