2014 - 2015 In-house Seminar Series

All seminars held in the third floor Seminar Room in 2 Biotech at 12:00 noon on the Monday dates listed below.

09/15/14                      Ann Moorman, Associate Professor, Pediatrics Immunology, Infectious Disease

10/27/14                      Beth McCormick, Professor, Microbiology & Physiological Systems

11/03/14                      Gang Han, Asst. Professor, Biochemistry and Molecular Pharmacology                     

12/01/14                      Nathan Lawson, AssociateProfessor, Program in Gene Function and Expression

01/05/15                      Terence Flotte, Executive Deputy Chancellor, Provost and Dean

02/02/15                      Thomas Fazzio, Asst.  Professor, Program in Gene Function and Expression

03/02/15                      Abe Brass, Asst. Professor, Microbiology and Physiological Systems

04/13/15                      Roger Davis, Professor of Molecular Medicine and HHMI Investigator

05/4/15                        Nathan Lawson, Assoc. Professor, Program in Gene Function and Expression