Residents work closely with nurses in all inpatient settings (Wards, PICU, NICU, and ER). Nurses are an integral part of the patient-care team. Senior residents on the Wards round daily with nurses, social work, and care coordinators on all of the patients, discussing social issues, plans of care, and discharge planning. Residents take call with Nurse Practitioners in the NICU and learn how to intubate and resuscitate babies at deliveries with their guidance. In outpatient continuity clinics, residents often work with one to two nurses throughout their three years. From demonstrating how to start an IV in the ER to the proper method of bag-mask ventilation in the PICU, our nurses are a wonderful educational resource and great colleagues. 

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Child Life Staff 

The Child Life program is physically housed on the General Pediatric Ward, and provides support for patients and families throughout the hospital, ER and clinics. Specialists help patients through painful procedures with a variety of distraction and relaxation techniques, provide child-centered and age appropriate information about diagnoses and testing, and visit and play with children who are too ill to leave their rooms. Child Life specialists also run the playroom and teen room. While in these rooms, children are guaranteed that they can play without the threat of having a procedure performed. There is also a special treatment room so that procedures are not done in the patient bed.  Child Life also coordinate the Pet Therapy program for pediatric pateints, as well as routinely organizing special theme days and activities, including weekly ice cream sundae Fridays, to brighten everyone’s spirits in the hospital.  

We also have a hospital outreach program from the Hole in the Wall Gang Camp.  The goal of the program is to bring the spirit of camp to children in the hospital and in the outpatient clinics. They offer unique, creative, and developmentally appropriate activities to help restore joy and laughter in a time often laden with fear, stress, and uncertainty. They work collaboratively with the child life staff to improve the quality of life during treatment.

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