Welcome to Parking and Access Control

Here you will find information regarding parking for patients and visitors as well as vendors.


Patients and Visitors

Patients and Visitors (Self-Parking)
Self-parking patients and visitors will be directed to park on the first three levels of the South Road Parking Garage. Patients and visitors will enter the South Road Parking Garage via the east entrance and exit directly onto South Road.
arrow - link to images of parking areas  View map of parking areas [PDF]

Patients and Visitors (Valet Parking)
Valet parking will continue to be available in front of the Remillard Family Pavilion, ACES, and Emergency.
arrow - link to images of parking areas  View map of Benedict Building/ Remillard Family Pavilion [PDF]

Patient Drop-Off/Patient Pickup
To prevent unsafe traffic conditions and congestion on Second Road in front of the Medical Center (Hospital) Main Entrance, vehicles will be required to “make the turn” and continue around the corner for a convenient and safe place to pick up and drop off patients. 

Vendor Parking

Please contact the Parking office:

Visitor Parking Rates

2 hours or less $3.00
2-4 hours $5.00
4-6 hours $6.00
6 hours or more $8.00
HP Patients $2.00
Valet Parking $7.00