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The University of Massachusetts Medical School and its many partners provide numerous and varied outreach initiatives, represented in these spotlighted programs.
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Message from Michael F. Collins, MD 

Infant Mortality Reduction
UMass Medical School faculty are founding members of the Worcester Infant Mortality Reduction Task Force, and with community partners, are responding to the City’s higher than average infant mortality rate. Medical and nursing students are exploring solutions too.

Newborn Screening
The New England Newborn Screening program provides unique, optimized analysis of newborn blood samples by creating a profile that more definitively indicates a disorder or disease for treatment.

Foster Child Health Care
FaCES—the Foster Children Evaluation Services program—promotes consistent and streamlined health care for foster children through timely health screenings, comprehensive exams and uniformity in health care delivery.

Oral Health Care and Access
UMass Medical School’s comprehensive endeavor offers academic, clinical and community programs to provide oral health care and improve access to preventive care for underserved people.

Injury-Free Coalition for Kids
The Coalition’s Goods for Guns buyback program with the City of Worcester and local retailers raises community awareness about gun violence and gives incentives to get guns off the streets, out of homes and away from children.

At-Home Care for Children
Community Case Management assists families with medically fragile children in coordinating medical services, providers and equipment, providing streamlined and cost-effective services and helping parents simply be parents.

Latino Community Partnerships
Health, educational and professional opportunities offered by UMass Medical School and its partners respond to the needs of this vital yet often underserved population.

Student Volunteerism
Students initiate service projects that bring real change to the community’s health and well-being as they prepare for their futures as physicians, nurses and scientists.

Teacher Development
The Regional Science Resource Center provides teacher network and professional development programs as part of its commitment to assisting school districts in their delivery of K-12 math, technology, engineering and science education.

Cultural Immersion Medical Education
Students in the International Medical Education Program span the globe to develop their cross-cultural and language skills so they may practice medicine more effectively in Massachusetts for foreign-born populations.

Career Success in Science and Health
Worcester Pipeline Collaborative helps to prepare, educate and train minority and economically disadvantaged students for careers in health care and science.

Vaccine Research and Development
Massachusetts Biologic Laboratories improves public health through creation of vaccines to combat infectious disease in the state, the nation and now, the world.