What's Newsworthy? 

This is a difficult question to answer because everyone you ask will most likely have a different answer. What is important to one person or department may not seem "significant" to news reporters. Ultimately, what is "newsworthy" is whatever news editors find interesting. Topics that are likely to cultivate interest include current or recent research, major grants, expertise relevant to current events, and major UMMS developments or changes. 

Unfortunately, not everything that we find intriguing will be of interest to reporters. However, working with our colleagues, we can also deliver UMMS news in our publications. Visit the  Publications  page for more information. 

Further, even if we do not issue a press release, we may be able to help communicate your message in other ways by contacting reporters directly or using your information in another format. 

Not sure whether your news would interest the media? Contact us. We're always interested in hearing about: 

Research findings 
Research breakthroughs that will impact or interest the general public tend to be the ones in which media find the most appealing. Reporters also pay more attention to peer-reviewed work about to be published in a journal or presented at a conference or government hearing.

Major announcements and awards 
Please let us know if a faculty or staff member or student has received an important award, or if your department has acquired a significant gift or grant.

Events and well-known campus visitors
Each year, UMMS hosts many interesting events and draws notable individuals to speak at special gatherings including conferences, lectures and graduation ceremonies. Certain events and guest speakers may catch a reporter's eye. Please let us know about any events or speakers you plan to host and we can help attract coverage of such events.

Human interest stories
Reporters are also attracted to good human interest stories. Whether the story is about community outreach that touches someone's life or whether it's about an extraordinary person or project, we would like to hear your stories about students, faculty and staff and their contributions to the local, national and/or international community.