Frequently Asked Questions for Journalists

How do I reach a Media Relations staff member after normal work hours? 
Normal work hours are weekdays 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. EST. After hours, call 508-856-2000, the office's main number, and a recording will tell you how to contact a staff member.

What services does the Office of Public Affairs & Publications offer the press? 
The office works closely with journalists to provide the latest information about faculty and student achievements, UMass Medical School programs and policies, and its research accomplishments. If you need facts, figures, background, or a comment on a UMass Medical School matter, let us know.

If you're visiting the campus, we'll help you find faculty, students and administrators. We can also assemble a package of background information and photos. 

Are faculty members available to comment on current events?
If you need an expert to discuss breaking news or to provide insight for a feature or opinion piece, contact our office. We'll draw upon our knowledge of the university's clinical and basic science faculty to match you with recognized authorities in their fields. We can't always reach specific faculty members, but every effort will be made to connect you with a good source as soon as possible.

Where can I park when I visit campus? 
On the University Campus, parking is available for a small hourly fee in the Patient/Visitor Parking Garage located on South Road. Valet parking is also available at the Benedict Building entrance for a flat $4 fee. If you are interviewing a faculty or staff member at another UMass Medical School location, please call 508-856-2000 for customized parking information.

What information can be publicly shared about UMass Medical School employees?
Privacy and confidentiality of employee records is governed by the university's Fair Information Practices Regulations. Public information can be disseminated without restriction. It includes name, position title, job description, salary, office location and telephone number, and dates of employment at the university. Some research may be required.

Directory information consists of several categories of data that can be restricted upon the request of an employee. It includes home address and telephone number, date and place of birth, education, marital status, and citizenship. 

What information can be publicly shared about patients?
We seek to assist and cooperate with members of the news media in the belief that such cooperation supports the goals, mission, vision, and values of both the Medical School and UMass Memorial Health Care.  We also must ensure that a patient's protected health information is treated as confidential and used or disclosed according to established policies and procedures. 
  Policies regarding the release of information, can be found here.