Optional Enrichment Electives

Military and Veterans' Healthcare

The overarching goal of this course is to expand student knowledge to the healthcare issues faced by military members, veterans, and their loved ones. Combat Veterans are growing in numbers and with the evolving healthcare system, primary care and hospital settings will see more immediate and delayed problems associated with deployments. The course will further build upon principles of cultural competency, as the military has a distinctive culture of its own. The course is divided into 7 speaker series sessions scheduled monthly, with one bonus session. Each session will address unique clinical topics that are relevant to the care of military members and veterans. Objectives include: 1) Students will be able to identify what make the military members’ healthcare needs unique; 2) Describe common health concerns of Veterans; 3) Define what can be done to enhance the care of military members and combat Veterans in the civilian setting. The course is open to any interested SOM, GSN, or GSBS student, and students may attend as many (or as few) sessions as they choose.

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