Optional Enrichment Electives

Medical Interviewing in Spanish*

*AY13-14 The curriculum design of the Medical Interviewing in Spanish elective is undergoing changes for students to more effectively attain the goals of the elective set forth. Feedback from students has directed these efforts to take place over the next few months. Therefore, the elective will not be held this fall and it will be determined if it will open for the second-half of the school year.

This elective allows students to improve their abilities to communicate with Spanish-speaking patients. Students meet in groups with standardized patients and trained medical interpreters to practice interviewing skills. Students self evaluate into 3 groups; beginner, intermediate, or advanced.

  1. The beginner group has 45 minutes of grammar instruction, followed by 45 minutes of practicing interviewing skills with a standardized patient and interpreter.
  2. Intermediate students spend the first hour practicing interviewing, and spend the last 30 minutes receiving grammar instruction.
  3. The advanced group spends the entire 1 ½ hour practicing interviewing skills.

Students also attend 2 cultural sessions during the course of the academic year and must spend 1 hour shadowing an interpreter in a clinical setting. 

Note: students must have some knowledge of Spanish; this elective can not be taken as a beginning Spanish course.

For further information, please contact:

Kathleen.Goble@umassmed.edu   UMMS
Molly.Wolf@umassmed.edu   UMMS


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