Optional Enrichment Electives

Maternal Child Health

This is an elective for CCE “clerks” taking Pediatrics and OBG consecutively. The focus of the clerkship is to provide you with an introductory understanding of some of the medical, psychosocial, ethical, and societal problems that face parents, infants, and the community. In addition to the "content" areas we are excited about the opportunity to explore issues around the physician-patient relationship and the feelings this engenders.

Students will be assigned to a woman in her third trimester of pregnancy. Responsibilities include:

  • Attending all seminars from 4-7PM once a week during the OB and Pediatric Blocks for a total of nine seminars. During most seminars we will have guest faculty and a patient. A few examples of topics include:
    • Drug abuse
    • Neonatal loss
    • Disabilities
    • HIV
  • Taking “call” where your patient can call you for any questions. (You will have very close back-up)
  • Attending roughly weekly visits with your patient to the OB provider and once the baby is born, with the Pediatric provider.
  • Deliver the baby (not by yourself)

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