Student Designed AY2014-2015

Academic Year 2014-2015

Experience List by Course Name

Student Designed Capstone FCEs

Clinical: Cardiovascular Medicine
Clinical: Gaining clinical experience with the WEMS
Clinical: Inpatient Palliative Care and Geriatrics
Community Service: Establishing Community Partnerships for UMMS Best Buddies Program
Community Service: Identifying Barriers to Living a Healthy Lifestyle in the Ghanian Community
Medical Education: An In-Depth Look at Lactation Support
Research:  Role of Acupuncture in Substance Abuse Clinic
Research: An In-Depth Look at Diabetes Management
Research: Applying regulatory network analysis data from C. elegans to human regulatory networks
Research: Brain MRI & CT vs. Clinical Presentation as Prognostic Indicators in Primary Brain Tumors
Research: Childhood Trauma Literature Review
Research: Contraceptive Concerns at UMass Memorial
Research: CPR program for middle school students and parents
Research: Dermatology Clinical Experience
Research: The effect of pre-operative emotional health on post-operative total hip replacement
Research: Efficacy of the WEMS Spinal Immobilization Protocol in Identifying and Treating Patients with Cervical-Spine Injuries.
Research: Elucidating the effects of tbx5
Research: Esophageal dilation in the treatment of esophageal dysmotility
Research: Esophageal Dysmotility Treatment
Research: Exploring Educational Methods and Teaching
Research: Field Expansion for Homonymous Hemianopia using Prisms
Research: Improving asthma outcomes in Head Start students (Palmer)
Research: Integrative WooFood - Bringing WooFood Back to Medicine
Research: Intro to Pediatric Neurology
Research: Historical underpinnings of antivaccine culture
Research: Literature review about medical students attitudes towards patients with disabilities
Research: Neonatal health in Worcester
Research: Nutrition - Clinical Approaches and Education
Research: Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation: Focus on Cancer Rehabilitation
Research: Physician Leadership, Health Care Innovation and Transformation
Research: Review of Self-Help Resources for Patients Interested in Integrative Oncology
Research: The role of school-based health centers on health outcomes among school-aged children
Research: Surveying patients on pediatric oral health
Research: Type 1 Diabetes Management and Executive Cerebral Function in Pediatric Patients
Research: WooFood
Research: Woofood Corporation

Student Designed FCE

Addiction Medicine
Adolescent medicine: Addition and other psychosocial issues in adolescence
Adolescent Medicine - Obstetrics/Gynecology and Pediatrics
Ophthalmology and its Subspecialties
Cardiac Electrophysiology
Clinical experience in rural medicine
Cultural Immersion at Good Samaritan Hospital, La Romana, DR
Development of a standardized curriculum for arthroscopic shoulder surgery
Department of Public Health in Worcester
Emergency Medicine at Cooley Dickinson Hospital
Foundations of Emergency Medicine FCE
Global Health: Understanding Health Disparities in Historical, Cultural, and Social Context
Global Radiology
Healthcare Policy Data and Analysis
IMEP: Rheumatology week in Istanbul Turkey
Integrative Medicine Pediatrics
Introduction to Emergency Medicine and Ultrasound
Introduction to photomedicine and devices
Introduction to Sports Medicine with Multidisciplinary Experience
Learning more about the Good Samaritan Hospital
Pediatric Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
Pediatrics/Adolescent Medicine
Physician leadership: Health care innovation and transformation
Prehospital care: UMass EMS/Lifeflight
Providing Care to Spanish-speaking Patients in Family Medicine
Rural Nocturnal Hospitalist Medicine
Save A Child's Heart (SACH): A non-profit pediatric cardiac care experience in Israel
Shadowing a Child Trauma/Abuse Clinician
Teen Week - A Look into Adolescent Medicine
The Physician-Leader in Hospital Senior Management
Understanding and Confronting Healthcare Disparities in US Healthcare System
Week in Rheumatology with Dr. Pincus
Wellness Week: Personal Practice and Community Experience
WooFood integration with the Worcester Health Department and the Community Health Improvement Plan

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