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FCE Experiences

Student Designed AY 2014-2015

Experience List by Course Name

Capstone Clinical: Cardiovascular Medicine
Capstone Community Service: Establishing Community Partnerships for UMMS Best Buddies Program
Capstone Medical Education: An In-Depth Look at Lactation Support
Capstone Research:  Role of Acupuncture in Substance Abuse Clinic
Capstone Research: Contraceptive Concerns at UMass Memorial
Capstone Research: Efficacy of the WEMS Spinal
Immobilization Protocol in Identifying and Treating Patients with
Cervical-Spine Injuries
Capstone Research: Esophageal Dysmotility Treatment
Capstone Research: Integrative WooFood - Bringing WooFood Back to Medicine
Capstone Research: Intro to Pediatric Neurology
Capstone Research: Nutrition - Clinical Approaches and Education
Capstone Research: Physician Leadership, Health Care Innovation and Transformation
Capstone Research: Surveying patients on pediatric oral health
Capstone Research: WooFood
Capstone Research: Woofood Corporation
Student Design: Adolescent Medicine - Obstetrics/Gynecology and Pediatrics
Student Design: Ophthalmology and its Subspecialties
Student Design: Cardiac Electrophysiology
Student Design: Emergency Medicine at Cooley Dickinson Hospital
Student Design: Healthcare Policy Data and Analysis
Student Design: Integrative Medicine Pediatrics
Student Design: Intro to Emergency Medicine and Ultrasound
Student Design: Introduction to Sports Medicine with Multidisciplinary Experience
Student Design: Pediatric Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
Student Design: Pediatrics/Adolescent Medicine
Student Design: Providing Care to Spanish-speaking Patients in Family Medicine
Student Design: Research and Practical Survey into Dive Medicine and Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy in St. Croix, US Virgin Islands.
Student Design: Rural Nocturnal Hospitalist Medicine
Student Design: Shadowing in Integrative Medicine Practice
Student Design: The Physician-Leader in Hospital Senior Management
Student Design: Understanding and Confronting Healthcare Disparities in US Healthcare System

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