FCE Scope of Content

We want to provide great flexibility in the scope of these electives as long as they satisfy a broad set of guideline. One or more of the following requirements needs to be met for the activity to qualify for the FCE program

  • the activity should help in career planning; i.e., the elective should provide a pathway to a possible career in that specialty. It may serve to provide initial exploration in that field, ongoing mentorship, or spur research
  • development of skills pertinent to the practice of medicine outside of the core clinical experiences, e.g., Allied health professionals, complementary and alternative medicine, and community health
  • service projects related to the medical field
  • international experiences that satisfy one or more of the other requirements
  • research exploration/preparation related to healthcare or medical education
  • conference attendance if the student is presenting their work
  • physician as a patient and community advocate
  • teaching related to medicine and public health
  • humanities as it pertains to medicine
  • hospital administration/medical leadership
  • activities enhancing clinical skills
  • remediation of mandatory core clinical experiences
  • there should be a minimum of three distinct experiences, and the experiences should be in at least two different departments within or outside the medical school