Capstone Scholarship & Discovery Course


We are so pleased to introduce you to one of our new and most exciting courses – the Capstone Scholarship & Discovery Course (CSD). This new course represents some of the key principles of our Learner-centered Integrated Curriculum (LInC) brought to life. It is a fully individualized mentored scholarly project that puts into practice all of our six competencies by helping students to build on a personal passion related to medicine.

Project ideas may come from experiences students had volunteering at one of several student free clinics, participating in a quality improvement project or optional enrichment elective, from clinical work in the community or from something mentioned by faculty in a course. Other opportunities to determine a project may come from an out of country healthcare experience, in one of the summer community assistantship programs or through conducting bench or clinical research. Even tapping into an artistic talent, activity or other area of interest that existed prior to entering medical school and exploring how this relates to the students new profession can serve as a meaningful project.

CSD is a four year longitudinal curricular experience and students will receive one month credit after successful presentation of the Capstone project during their fourth year. Upon completion, learners will know how to identify a professionally related learning need or interest of their own, write related learning objectives, develop a project to address these objectives, and to demonstrate mastery of the particular material. Ultimately, the learner will present the experience in a manner worthy of peer review such that others may also learn from their experience.

We invite you to learn more about CSD by reviewing the course plans and frequently asked questions via the links on your left.

Capstone Scholarship & Discovery Leadership Team



Rachel Gerstein PhD

CSD Course Co-Leader
Blackstone House (all)
Tatnuck House (Fan)

Steven Hatch MD MS

CSD Course Co-Leader
Burncoat House (all)
Tatnuck House (Gibson)

Carolina Ionete MD PhD

CSD Course Co-Leader
Quinsigamond House (all)
Tatnuck House (Halpin)

Colleen Burnham MBA

CSD Program Manager
Kelley House (all)
Tatnuck House (Bennett, MacGinnis)

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