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UMMS #TitleInventorCase Manager
UMMS 04-84 Tissue Clamps for Surgical Procedures Raymond Dunn, M.D. Gayathri Srinivasan
UMMS 04-93 Therapeutic Alteration of Transplantable Tissues Through In Situ or Ex Vivo Exposure to RNA Interference Molecules Timothy Kowalik, Ph.D. et al Anita Ballesteros
UMMS 04-96 Influenza Glycoprotein DNA Vaccines and Vaccination Methods Shan Lu, M.D. Kevin Lehman
UMMS 04-98 Dicer Interacting Proteins as Modulators of RNAi and Related Pathways Craig Mello, Ph.D. et al. Anita Ballesteros
UMMS 05-46 Virus-Like Particle for Newcastle Disease Vaccine Applications Trudy Morrison, Ph.D. et al. Kevin Lehman
UMMS 05-65 Novel HIV-1 Protease Inhibitors Celia Schiffer, Ph.D. et al. Anita Ballesteros
UMMS 06-08 Methods and Compositions for the Efficient Delivery of Therapeutic Agents to Cells and Animals Tariq M. Rana, Ph.D. Anita Ballesteros
UMMS 06-17 Multiple Midbodies as Markers for Multiple Classes of Human Stem Cells Stephen Doxsey, Ph.D., et al. Anita Ballesteros
UMMS 06-22 Novel Inhibitors Targeting HIV Vif Protein Tariq M. Rana, Ph.D. et al. Satinder Rawat
UMMS 06-29 Modified Pathogens for Vaccine Applications Egil Lien, Ph.D. et al. Kevin Lehman






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