Our consultants In the Office of Program Development, are often called upon to bring groups together and lead collaborative initiatives. We use a wide array of facilitation practices and techniques to help clients identify and resolve management, operations, and technology issues.

For example:

On November 24, 2009, Governor Patrick held the Human Services Summit to hear ideas and recommendations for how state government, non-profit human services organizations, and the private sector might work together to find opportunities to further a progressive human services agenda given the current economic climate. The over 300 individuals who attended the Summit identified issues and ideas for further development.

As a follow-up to the Summit, OPD-EPMO convened and facilitated four human service provider workgroups to address the following topics:

  • Streamlining State Administrative Processes
  • Improving Access to Client Centered Services
  • Sustaining a Quality Human Service Workforce
  • Workgroup on Strengthening the Capacity of Human Service Organizations

At the meetings, the workgroups identified specific recommendations and success criteria associated with their topic areas. OPD-EPMO then summarized the workgroups’ findings and recommendations, which are being considered by the governor as he develops a Human Services Agenda for the Commonwealth.

In June 2009, the Worcester City Manager Michael V. O’Brien created an opportunity to take a fresh look at public health services in Worcester by forming the Task Force on Public Health. The Task Force is comprised of two chairpersons, a five-member executive committee, and a full committee of twenty-two individuals with expertise in medicine, research, education, public health, public health nursing, biostatistics, community indicators, non-profit health clinics, pharmacy, substance abuse, youth issues, health disparities, and ADA/disability. The Task Force’s charge was to define the mission and services of a vital and focused Worcester Division of Public Health.

The Office of Program Development was brought in to provide project management support and leadership. The task force completed their work on an abreviated timeline and the result was a comprehensive document providing direction and recommendations for the City of Worcester.