Business Development

Our business development consultants at the Office of Program Development at UMass Medical School help our clients identify new service and programming opportunities. By employing project management methodology and industry best practices, we help our clients — state agencies, health care providers, medical schools, and public and private sector organizations — improve their business processes, program communications, and more.

Office of Program Development consultants can assess program finances to help maximize revenue and improve efficiencies. We can create centralized management plans, clarify existing agreements, propose possible restructuring, create new staffing models, and streamline ineffective reporting functions.

Our experience includes:

  • Defining customer-centric, problem-solving processes to create value and reduce projected losses 
  • Designing improved workflow for operational efficiencies 
  • Integrating mental health and medical care delivery systems 
  • Completing comprehensive assessments of programs and contracts 
  • Providing operations support, including restructuring contracts, clarifying management responsibilities, proposing staffing models, budgeting, and reporting 
  • Managing client relationships 
  • Establishing and managing procurement processes for major medical services 
  • Centralizing revenue management reporting structures to maximize revenue