Faculty Advancement and Development Liaison

The overall goal of the Faculty Advancement and Development Liaison (FADL) program is to ensure that faculty advance academically in a timely manner.

Each department has a faculty member selected to be a FADL representative who helps identify faculty prepare for promotion to the next academic rank. The FADL representative links faculty with appropriate resources and may assist faculty in preparing their promotion package on request.

FADL Representatives

What is a FADL Representative?

A liaison between the OFA, department Chair or Division Chief, and department Faculty

Who can be a FADL Representative?

  • An Associate Professor or above
  • A faculty member selected by the Department Chair in conjunction with suggestions by the Associate Vice Provost of Gender & Equity

FADL Representative Responsibilities

  • Review department list of faculty who, by being in a rank for an appropriate number of years, may be eligible to be promoted to the next academic rank  
  • Meet with the department Chair or Division Chief to identify faculty who are potentially ready for promotion
  • Meet with identified faculty to encourage them to prepare for promotion
  • Provide Information and referral to available resources for advancement
  • Inform the Office of Faculty Affairs about actions taken by faculty
  • Meet with the Associate Vice Provost for Gender & Equity and other FADL representatives semi-annually to discuss the process for assisting with faculty promotions

At Your Fingertips

Promotion Informationpdficon
Promotion Criteriapdficon
Promotion Details (OFA webpages)
Preparing for Promotion Workshops (OFA webpage)

For Faculty 

What can your FADL representative do for you?

  • Provide faculty with the encouragement they need to prepare their promotion packages
  • Provide information and referral to the Office of Faculty Affairs and other resources to assist in the promotion process

What can you do before meeting with your FADL representative?

Review the At Your Fingertips section above and bring your questions to your FADL representative.

Who is your FADL representative?

Faculty with questions about the promotion process can contact their FADL representative.

Anesthesiology Manisha Desai
Biochemistry & Moleular Pharmacology Francesca Massi
Cancer Biology Eric Baehrecke
Cell Biology Elizabeth Luna
Emergency Medicine Connie Nichols
Family Medicine Linda Weinreb
Microbiology and Physiological Systems Janet Stavnezer
Medicine Maria Garcia (clinical)
Pranoti Mandrekar (research)
Neurobiology Vivian Budnik
Neurology/Neurosurgery Willaim Schwartz
Obstetrics & Gynecology Joanna Cain & Ellen DelPapa
Orthopedics Marci Jones
Patholody Leslie Berg
Pediatrics Ted Kremer
Program in Molecular Medicine Silvia Corvera
Psychiatry Jean King
Quantitative Health Sciences Arlene Ash
Radiation Oncology Jesse Aronowitz
Radiology TBD
Surgery Janice Lalikos
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