Governance Document Graduate School of Nursing University of Massachusetts Medical School

Based Upon Document T91.028 as amended. Approved by the Board of Trustees August 6, 2003.

The Graduate School of Nursing, founded in 1986, is one of three schools at UMass Worcester and governs nursing education.
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Whereas, we, the faculty of the Graduate School of Nursing, believe that a simplified organizational plan promotes democratic and cohesive action in upholding the stated philosophy and objectives of the school.

Whereas, we believe that more effective action results when subcommittees are established as the need arises and dissolved upon completion of their assigned tasks.

Therefore, we have developed bylaws which address the executive authority of the Dean and the responsibilities of the faculty of the Graduate School of Nursing in its exercise of responsibilities for academic matters as defined in Trustee Document T95 022.


Article I. Executive Authority
Article II. The Faculty of Nursing
Article III. The Faculty Assembly
Article IV. Standing Committees
Artivle V. GSON Advisory Council
Aricle VI. Ratification and Amendment