Section 3.1 Responsibilities  
Section 3.2 Membership 
Section 3.3 Election of Officers 
Section 3.4 Chair  
Section 3.5 Chair-Elect/Vice Chair  
Section 3.6 Meetings  
Section 3.7 Standing Committees 

Section 3.1 As the representative body of the Graduate Faculty, the Graduate Council shall advise the Dean on all aspects of graduate education within the School including but not limited to: graduate admissions, curriculum, academic standards, appointments to the Graduate Faculty and student affairs. The Council shall also be responsible for (a) periodically evaluating Graduate School programs; (b) coordinating activities of Standing Committees of the Council and recommending to the Dean the appointment of all Committee chairs and members; and (c) electing Council officers.

Section 3.2 The Council shall consist of one representative from each of the basic medical science departments of Anatomy, Biochemistry, Molecular Genetics & Microbiology, Pathology, Pharmacology and Physiology; one representative from each approved Interdepartmental Program; two clinical science representatives, and a representative of the graduate student body. Faculty representatives shall be nominated by the Medical School Committee on Committees, subject to approval by the Medical School Executive Council and the Dean of the Graduate School. In addition, the Worcester Foundation for Experimental Biology shall be represented by one ex-officio non-voting member selected by those Medical School faculty members based at the Worcester Foundation. Faculty members on the Graduate Council shall serve three year terms, with one-third being replaced annually. The graduate student member shall be appointed annually by the graduate student body. The Dean shall serve ex- officio.

Section 3.3 The officers of the Graduate Council shall be a Chair and a Chair-Elect. The Chair-Elect shall be elected annually by majority vote of the Council, and shall serve one year in that capacity and the following year as Chair. The election shall be held at the September meeting of the Council. Initially, both a Chair and a Chair-Elect shall be chosen by majority vote of the Council for one year terms.

Section 3.4 The Chair shall serve for one year beginning September 1. As elected head of the Graduate Council and as chief representative of the Graduate Faculty, the Chair shall preside at all Council meetings. The Chair may appoint ad hoc committees as necessary and shall be an ex- officio member of all Standing Committees. If for any reason the Chair should vacate office, the Chair-Elect shall become Chair to serve the balance of the year plus the elected term following.

Section 3.5 The Chair-Elect shall serve as Vice Chair of the Graduate Council for one year and shall become Chair upon the expiration of the Chair's term of office. If for any reason the Chair-Elect should vacate office, a new Chair-Elect/Vice Chair shall be chosen by majority vote of the Council. The Vice Chair shall preside at Council meetings in the absence of the Chair.

Section 3.6 Regular meetings shall be held on a monthly basis during the academic year, and all meetings shall be conducted in general accordance with Robert's Rules of Order. Special meetings may be called at any time by the Chair, by the Dean, or by petition of ten or more Graduate Faculty Members.

Section 3.7 The Graduate Council shall establish and maintain the following Standing Committees which shall be responsible to the Council and advisory to the Dean: Admissions Committee, Academic Standards Committee, Curriculum Committee and Medical Student Research Committee. Additional Standing Committees may be established as deemed necessary by the Council. Members and Chairs of all Standing Committees shall be appointed by the Dean upon recommendation of the Graduate Council. Normally Committee members shall serve three-year terms, and Committee Chairs shall not be voting members except to break tie votes. Committee reports shall be made at each monthly Council meeting.