Section 2.1 Definition
Section 2.2 Membership
Section 2.3 Terms of Appointment
Section 2.4 Responsibilities
Section 2.5 Special Membership
Section 2.6 Authority of Graduate School in Academic Personnel Matters
Section 2.7 Graduate Programs

Section 2.1 The Graduate Faculty is herein defined as the faculty of the Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences. It shall be composed of persons previously appointed to the faculty of the Medical School or the Graduate School of Nursing who are qualified by their scholarly and teaching accomplishments to participate in the education of graduate students.

Section 2.2 Any faculty member who (a) holds a primary or adjunct appointment as Professor, Associate Professor or Assistant Professor (or equivalent) in an academic department of the Medical School or the Graduate School of Nursing, (b) meets Graduate Council approved qualifications with respect to teaching, research and scholarship, and (c) intends to be an active participant in Graduate School programs, shall be eligible for Graduate Faculty membership. Members shall be appointed by the Dean of the Graduate School, upon review and recommendation of the Department Chairs and the Graduate Council, subject to approval by the Provost and the Chancellor.

Section 2.3 Appointments shall be for terms consistent with the University of Massachusetts/Worcester Academic Personnel Policy document and shall be contingent on continued appointment of the faculty member in his/her primary department.

Section 2.4 Responsibilities of Graduate Faculty Members may include teaching of courses, supervision of student dissertation research, membership on committees, affiliation with Graduate Programs and such other functions as may be requested by the Graduate Faculty, the Graduate Council and the Dean.

Section 2.5 In exceptional cases, individuals who are not eligible to be Members but who can contribute to the instructional programs of the Graduate School on a short-term or part-time basis may be appointed as Special Members by the Dean, upon the recommendation of the Graduate Council and subject to approval by the Provost and the Chancellor. Such appointments as Special Members of the Graduate Faculty shall be for one year terms, renewable annually upon recommendation of the Graduate Council and approval by the Dean.

Section 2.6 The Graduate School's authority in academic personnel matters shall be limited to appointments to the Graduate Faculty. All other matters of faculty status, i.e., primary and joint appointments, reappointments, promotion and tenure, shall remain within the province of the Medical School and the Graduate School of Nursing as provided in the Academic Personnel Policy document for the Worcester campus.

Section 2.7 The Graduate Faculty may organize interdepartmental or interdisciplinary programs around common teaching and/or research interests. Such programs shall be designated as Programs of the Graduate School and shall comprise those faculty members who share common educational goals and research interests in specific areas. A faculty member may be affiliated with more than one program. The members of each program shall determine operational guidelines, specialized course requirements and standards of academic performance, subject to approval by the Graduate Council and the Dean.

Program activities shall be coordinated by a Program or Graduate Director, appointed annually by the Dean upon recommendation of the Program or Departmental Faculty. The Director shall be responsible for all activities of the program.

Faculty groups may form Graduate Programs by submitting a request through the Dean to the Graduate Council, which will seek advice from its standing committees before making a recommendation to the Dean. The final decision shall rest with the Dean.

While the Graduate Faculty and the Dean shall have full authority to initiate Graduate Programs as herein described, consistent with campus guidelines, at no time shall they be empowered to establish academic departments within the School.