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The faculty are the “heart and soul” of the University of Massachusetts Medical School (UMMS). The goal of the Office of Faculty Affairs (OFA) is to support the success of our faculty. We provide programs, advice and resources to enable faculty to pursue their goals successfully within the missions of research, teaching, and clinical service, and to facilitate faculty career advancement and leadership. Look in the menus below for answers to your questions.

  Career Navigation: How do I get started at UMMS? Can I work part time? How do I manage retirement?

  Mentoring: How do I find a mentor? How do I manage a mentoring relationship? 

  Development: How can I learn new skills? Are there programs to help me advance my career?

  Gender & Equity: Can I get help to sustain my career? How does UMMS support women and minority faculty?

  Academic Affairs: What are the criteria for promotion and tenure? How is my performance evaluated?

The OFA is here to help YOU, the faculty, be successful in your career. We can help you navigate the complex academic environment to pursue excellence while maintaining work-life balance.