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The basic file for promotion or tenure must include two components related to the educational activities of the candidate:

  • Documentation of Educational Activities, typically included in the candidate's CV:
    "a complete summary year by year of educational activities including courses taught, number of students trained or mentored, grand rounds, among others" (Checklist: Requirements for Promotion of Faculty).
  • Documentation of Teaching Effectiveness, included as a separate component:
    “The basic file shall contain . . . ii. Appropriate evaluations of teaching effectiveness”
    (Academic Personnel Policy, Section 10.3.d.ii, p30).

Alternatively, faculty candidates with a strong record of and commitment to education may incorporate all or part of these materials into a Teaching Portfolio, included as a separate component in the basic file. Candidates may also provide an overview of their educational activities in their optional Narrative Statement.

See also: How to Obtain Teaching Evaluations.

Documentation of Educational Activities

List all educational activities in a section of the CV:

  • Use the CV Template.
  • Keep an updated record of your teaching activities; update your CV regularly.
  • List awards for teaching, grants for education, journal articles on education in the appropriate sections of the CV.

Documentation of Teaching Effectiveness

  • Evidence of teaching effectiveness can include:
    • student and peer feedback, comments, evaluations
    • assessments of student learning (results of OSCEs, NBME subject exams, in-service exams)
    • course or clerkship evaluations
    • letters from students or others attesting to the candidate’s teaching
  • Compile evidence of teaching effectiveness as a separate section of the promotion package.
  • Teaching evaluations should be as complete as possible and should match the educational activities listed in the CV.
  • Include evaluations of educational activities since the last promotion review.
  • Faculty who do not teach in a classroom setting may include letters from advisees in place of teaching evaluations. A minimum of two letters should be submitted attesting to the candidate’s advising/mentoring abilities.
    NOTE: These letters are included in the letters of reference solicited by the Department Chair (see Reference Letters) but these letters do not count towards the minimum number of letters of reference. Only existing letters should be included in the section on teaching effectiveness; letters requested by the department chair from internal or external referees attesting to the candidate’s teaching effectiveness are included with the other referee letters.

Obtaining Teaching Evaluations:

Undergraduate Medical Education (OUME)

Complete the Request for Faculty Evaluation Data form and return the form to the Division of Research, Evaluation & Assessment Office, Office of Educational Affairs (S1-201). E-mail requests to Dr. Mary Zanetti at or call ext 6-6009.

  • allow a minimum of 4 weeks for teaching evaluation requests to be processed.
  • Department Chairs, OUME, OEA and course leaders receive copies of evaluation reports independent of faculty requests.

Graduate Medical Education (GME)

UMMS residency and fellowship programs use the web-based E*Value system to track evaluations of learners and faculty.

Graduate School of Nursing (GSN)

Complete the Request for Faculty Evaluation Data form specific to GSN and return the form to the Division of Research, Evaluation & Assessment Office (S1-201) as described above.

Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences (GSBS)

Evaluations are sent to faculty. If another copy is needed:

  • Core Courses: contact Annette Stratton at
  • Advanced Topics: contact the course coordinator.

Teaching Portfolio

A teaching portfolio is a more extensive collection of materials that document the scope and quality of faculty work, listing accomplishments, strengths, style and effectiveness. Candidates who have extensive educational activities and for whom education is a major career effort may wish to submit a Teaching Portfolio to provide more extensive documentation of their activities. A Teaching Portfolio may particularly useful for a candidate wishing to demonstrate achievement in education at the Senior level. (see Guidelines for Preparation of a Teaching Portfolio)