Public Health Impact

As a public institution, UMMS is dedicated to improving health in our communities, locally, statewide and across the globe.  Over the years our local commitment to improving community health has been evident in many ongoing partnerships with the City of Worcester’s Division of Public Health and other community-based partners.  Examples include:

In 2009, the Worcester Division of Public Health (DPH) experienced dramatic budget cuts resulting from one of the worst economic climates in decades.  Along with multiple other community stakeholders, UMMS faculty and professionals participated in a Task Force that crafted strategic recommendations for a sustainable, effective DPH to best meet the needs of the community in light of fiscal challenges.

Thereafter, UMMS and other partners participated in the creation of a Community Health Improvement Plan (CHIP) to guide the work of DPH to effectively address the most pressing community health challenges.

UMMS’s Graduate School of Nursing partners with DPH to immunize the residents of Worcester each fall against seasonal influenza, a project called Community Immunity.

This academic year alone, over 30 students from the School of Medicine and the Graduate School of Nursing worked collaboratively with DPH on efforts such as the Community Health Improvement Plan, the violence against women initiative (now entitled the “Worcester Alliance Against Sexual Exploitation”) and influenza vaccination.

Along with other community partners, UMMS worked with the Worcester DPH to support its successful application for funding from the commonwealth’s Prevention and Wellness Trust fund; and we will continue to work with the partnership and DPH to achieve the goals of fighting chronic illness, and improving health outcomes on the community level, and reducing health care costs.

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