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Resident Memories H

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What Were Their Career Paths?

Graduated Obstetrics & Gynecology Resident Classes

Where they went when they finished residency.
* Denotes Administrative Chief Resident
2012 - 2013 Chief Residents

Christopher W. Conlan, MD *

Private Practice - Massachusetts

Maria De La Luz Nieto, MD 

FPMRS Fellowship - University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill, NC

Amy Podolski Chang, MD *

Private Practice - Massachusetts

Emily C. Von Bargen, DO

FPMRS Fellowship -Mt. Aubrun Hospital - Cambridge, MA 

Revital Yehezkel, MD

Academic Practice - Massachusetts

2011 - 2012 Chief Residents

AuTumn S. Davidson, MD   Family Planning Fellowship -  University of Chicago - Chicago, IL
Meaghan Delaney, MD, MA * Reproductive Endocrinology & Infertility Fellowship - Baylor University - Houston, TX 
Tiffany Forti, MD, MPH, MS Private Practice - Massachusetts
AeuMuro G. Lake, MD FPMRS Fellowship - Yale University - New Haven, CT 
Elizabeth B. Pelkofski, MD *Gynecologic Oncology Fellowship - University of Virginia - Charlottesville, VA 


2010 - 2011 Chief Residents

Amos O. Adelowo, MD, MPH FPMRS Fellowship - Mt Auburn Hospital - Cambridge, MA 
Anne E. Garrison, MD *Academic Practice - University of Massachusetts - Worcester, MA 
Monica L. Lucero, MD, MPHFPMRS Fellowship - Stanford University -  Stanford, CA
Erika C. Mello, DO  *Private Practice - Massachusetts
Anna Pilzek, MD FPMRS Fellowship - Brown University - Providence, RI


2009-2010 Chief Residents

 Amy Lynn Ellingson-Itzin, MD* Private Practice - Minnesota
 Janelle Morgan Evans, MD, MS FPMRS Fellowship - Christ Hospital - Cincinnati, OH
 Deborah Dori Kelly, MD  Private Practice - Massachusetts
 Tara Neubert Kumaraswami, MD* Family Planning Fellowship - University of Illinois - Chicago, IL
 Jennifer Thorn Scanlon, MD  Private Practice - Washington


2008-2009 Chief Residents

Erin Barlow, MD Pediatric & Adolescent Gyn Fellowship - University of Canada - Toronto, Canada 
Kenneth Barron, MDPrivate Practice - Massachusetts
Stacey Lunman, DOPrivate Practice - Massachusetts
Teresa Robb, MD *Academic Practice - Albert Einstein - Philadelphia, PA
Kristy Whitman, MD*Private Practice - Pennsylvania


2007-2008 Chief Residents

Jaimee DeMone, MD *   Private Practice - Massachusetts
Shaliz Dolan, MD Academic Practice - Temple University - Philadelphia, PA
Diego Illanes, MD *FPMRS Fellowship - University of Massachusetts - Worcester, MA
Melissa Moffitt, MDGynecologic Oncology Fellowship - University of Southern California - Los Angeles, CA 
Neelam Thacker, MD Private Practice - Massachusetts 

2006-2007 Chief Residents

Sara Frost, MD Academic Pratice - University of Michigan - Ann Arbor, MI 
Stacey Hunt-Okolo, MDPrivate Practice- Massachusetts 
Mark J. Manning, DO *  Academic Practice - University of Massachusetts - Worcester, MA 
Michele T. Sinopoli, MD * Private Practice - Massachusetts


2005-2006 Chief Residents

Cara A. Attanucci, MD * Private Practice- Massachusetts 

Kathryn M. Davis, MD 

Private Practice - Rhode Island 
Cherie D. Quesenberry, MD *  Academic Practice - George Washington University - Washington, DC
Chanel T. Tyler, MD  Maternal Fetal Medicien Fellowship - University of Wisconsin - Madison, WI

Uchechi A. Wosu, MD

Academic Practice - Massachusetts General Hospital - Boston, MA

2004-2005 Chief Residents

Dina Deldon-Saltin, DO Private Practice - Massachusetts 
Elisabeth Jeremias, MD Private Practice - New York
Anna M. Priebe, MDGynecologic Oncology Fellowship - University of Michigan, Ann Arobr, MI
Sameena Rahman, MD*Private Practice - California


2003-2004 Chief Residents

Sandhya R. Gardner, MD  Private Practice - Massachusetts 
Lisa C. Labin, MD FPMRS Fellowship - University of Massachusetts - Worcester, MA
Tiffany A. Moore Simas, MD* Academic Practice - University of Massachusetts - Worcester, MA
Shannon H. Panszi, MD  Maternal Fetal Medicine Fellowship - Tufts University - Boston, MA
Elise D. Rosenberg Su, MD  Private Practice - Rhode Island 

2002-2003 Chief Residents

Michael Joseph DiClemente, MD Private Practice - Texas 
Kerri Elizabeth Osterhaus, MD*Private Practice - Massachusetts
Finda Lee Quinama, MD Private Practice - New Mexico
Jacqueline Allaire Rendo, MDPrivate Practice - Arizona
Dawn Sagaria Tasillo, MDAcademic Practice - University of Massachusetts - Worcester, MA


2001-2002 Chief Residents

Laura Genevieve Bony, MD* Private Practice - California 
Rachel G. Algenio, MDPrivate Practice - Oregon 
Susan E. Braz-Martin, MD Private Practice - Massachusetts
Susan Bartow Brown, MD  Private Practice - New Jersey
 Renee G. Lockey, MDPrivate practice - Texas 


2000 – 2001 Chief Residents

Jennifer Daman, MD* Private Practice - Massachusetts 
Margaret Lee, MD* Private practice - Massachusetts
Lisa Lau, MD Private Practice - Illinois
Nicole Moss, MDPrivate Practice - Nevada
Jacqueline Murrell, MD Private Practice - Massachusetts



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