Kensuke 'Kenny' Futai PhD.


Kensuke 'Kenny' Futai PhD.  
Department of Psychiatry
Brudnick Neuropsychiatric Research Institute
University of Massachusetts Medical School
303 Belmont Street, room 211B
Worcester, MA 01604-1676, USA
Phone: office 508-856-7774
lab 508-856-4234
Faculty page:

The focus of our laboratory is on molecular organization of synapse. We study functional roles of risk genes of psychosis and autism spectrum disorders on synaptic transmission and plasticity. Specifically, we focus on the scaffold molecules expressing in interneuronal excitatory synapses and elucidate the function of molecules by taking multidisciplinary approach combining electrophysiology, molecular biology and gene delivery techniques in acute and cultured slice preparations.

List of Key papers
1. M. Carlén, K. Meletis, JH. Siegle, K. Futai, D. Vierling-Claassen, C. Rühlmann, SR. Jones, K. Deisseroth, M. Sheng, CI. Moore, LH. Tsai. A critical role for NMDA receptors in parvalbumin interneurons for gamma rhythm induction and behavior. Molecular Psychiatry, Accepted, (2011)
2. J. Jo, GH. Son, BL. Winters, MJ. Kim, DJ. Whitcomb, BA. Dickinson, YB. Lee, K. Futai, M. Amici, M. Sheng, GL. Collingridge and K. Cho. Muscarinic receptors induce LTD of NMDAR EPSCs via a mechanism involving hippocalcin, AP2 and PSD-95. Nature Neuroscience, 13, 1216-24 (2010)
3. CC. Hoogenraad, I. Popa, K. Futai, E. Sanchez-Martinez, PS. Wulf, T. van Vlijmen, BR. Dortland, V. Oorschot, R. Govers, M. Monti, AJ. Heck, M. Sheng, J. Klumperman, H. Rehmann, D. Jaarsma, LC. Kapitein, P. van der Sluijs. Neuron specific Rab4 effector GRASP-1 coordinates membrane specialization and maturation of recycling endosomes. PloS Biol., 8, e1000283 (2010)
4. J. Ryu, K. Futai, M. Feliu, R. Weinberg, M. Sheng. Constitutively active Rap2 transgenic mice display fewer dendritic spines, reduced ERK signaling, enhanced LTD, and impaired spatial learning and fear extinction. J. Neurosci., 28, 8178-8188 (2008)
5. T. Ochiishi, K. Futai, K. Okamoto, K. Kameyama, KS. Kosik. Regulation of AMPA receptor trafficking by d-catenin. Mol Cell Neurosci., 2008 June 17th, [Epub ahead of print]
6. AY. Hung, K. Futai, C. Sala, JG. Valtschanoff, J. Ryu, MA. Woodworth, FL. Kidd, CC. Sung, T. Miyakawa, MF. Bear, RJ. Weinberg, M. Sheng. Smaller dendritic spines, weaker synaptic transmission, but enhanced spatial learning in mice lacking Shank1. J. Neurosci., 28, 1697-1708 (2008)
7. MJ. Kim, K. Futai, J. Jo, Y. Hayashi, K. Cho, M. Sheng. Synaptic accumulation of PSD-95 and synaptic function regulated by phosphorylation of serine-295 of PSD-95. Neuron, 56, 488-502 (2007)
8. K. Futai, MJ. Kim, T. Hashikawa, P. Scheiffele, M. Sheng, Y. Hayashi. Retrograde modulation of presynaptic release probability through signaling mediated by PSD-95-neuroligin. Nature Neuroscience, 10, 186-195 (2007)
9. T. Nakagawa*, K. Futai*, HA. Lashuel, I. Lo, K. Okamoto, T. Walz, Y. Hayashi, and M. Sheng. Quaternary structure, protein dynamics and synaptic function of SAP97 controlled by L27 domain interactions. Neuron, 44, 453-467 (2004), *These authors contributed equally to this study.

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