Outreach Activities and Events

Communicating new discoveries and important future questions to the scientific community, and the public at large are a key goals for the NTI. Toward this end we convene scientific meetings where discussions focus on central questions in neurodegeneration and brain injury. Our first UMMS Neurotherapeutics Institute Research Symposium was held May 18-20, 2011 in Boston, MA (Sponsored by the ALS Therapy Alliance and Biogen Idec).  Please click here for the program.

We anticipate these will be bi-annual meetings where leading international researchers are invited to present their work and participate in intensive workshops to (1) discuss recent findings in neurodegeneration and brain injury; (2) frame key scientific questions for the future; and (3) develop novel approaches to treatment. 

Understanding the biology of any neurodegenerative disease is a major challenge for scientist. It is even more so for the lay public. We hope to bring a better understanding of the science of neurodegeneration and brain injury to non-scientists. Throughout this website key words are highlighted and linked to our definitions page, where one can find explanation for technical terms. We have also created a links page, where you can learn more about neurodegenerative diseases.  In addition, we will be posting scientific lectures given on key topics in neurodegeneration that are aimed at a broad audience as podcasts on our website.

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