Artist in Residence exhibit ‘Learning to See’ explores life close up

October 04, 2013
Lichen by Arthur Jaarsma

The Lamar Soutter Library continues its Artist in Residence Series with the photography of Arthur Jaarsma in the “Learning to See” exhibit. The artwork will be on display from Tuesday, Oct. 15, through Friday, Dec. 6, on the first floor of the library. Jaarsma works in engineering on the University and Memorial campuses.

In his artist’s statement for the exhibit, Jaarsma reflects on how technology can sometimes distract us from seeing what is right in front of us.

“With the Hubbell space telescope we can see distant galaxies bringing a great vastness into our visual sphere. Electron microscopes let us wander the remote universe of our own cells. With sophisticated technology we strive to see what’s beyond us, but are often blind to the countless vistas that lie so close at hand,” he wrote.

His work explores those vistas.

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