Breakthrough garners worldwide coverage

By Lisa M. Larson

UMass Medical School Communications

July 18, 2013

Media outlets around the globe are reporting on the innovative UMass Medical School discovery into Down syndrome, in which Professor Jeanne Lawrence, PhD, and colleagues were able to silence the extra chromosome that causes disabilities in people with Down syndrome. The research, conducted in cell cultures and reported in the current issue of the journal Nature, is “revolutionary,” scientists say.

“It really is revolutionary, in terms of causing us all to rethink the one impossible thought—can you make, functionally, that extra chromosome disappear,” Dr. Brian Skotko, co-director of the Down Syndrome Program at Massachusetts General Hospital, said in a front page Boston Globe story. “I don’t think any of us thought it was possible or even within the current realm of scientific dreaming.”

Here are some of the media stories on the development today.

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