Harlan quoted in AMedNews on mobile health technology

By Jim Fessenden

UMass Medical School Communications

February 19, 2013

A story on American Medical News takes a look at why the number of patients using technology to monitor and improve their health has remained flat for three years despite the growing number of mobile health devices now available.

Quoted in the article is David M. Harlan, MD, the William and Doris Krupp Professor in Medicine, and professor of medicine and director of the Diabetes Center of Excellence, who explained that patients need to be incentivized to use the new technology.

“If we ask people to do something that’s hard, there’s no way they are going to do it, so we have to make it easy, No. 1,” Dr. Harlan said. “Then, we humans are funny creatures, so we have to think of incentives—silly things—that will pull people in.”

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